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Accelerate the growth of your Cyber Security team with our hands-on Blue Team training.

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Achieving Excellence: Trusted by enterprise industry leaders.

About cybermentis

Hands-on training to learn and always keep updated.

Empower Your Security Experts with a Cutting-Edge, Continuous Learning Journey to Effectively Detect Attacks and Emerging Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

  • Dedicated full-desktop linux virtual environment accessible via a web browser at any time.

  • Labs continuously updated upon the latest real-world attacks.

  • Tailor-made growth paths based on the MITRE ATT&CK standard.

  • Documentation, KB, and tips always available.

  • Cost-effective due to Yearly-based subscription.

  • Expertly crafted to turn you into an expert.

How It Works

Real-life scenarios to improve your skills

Analysts become experts on a topic thanks to step-by-step and side-by-side threat hunting.

What you will learn

  • Detection of MITRE ATT&CK most used techniques
  • Improve Base Detection Capabilities on SIEM and Endpoints
  • Binary and Malware Analysis
  • Introduction to Container Threat Detection
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What makes Cybermentis unique

Engaging and interactive

Gain points, trophies and certifications, to increase competitiveness with other users: obtained results are shown in real-time, and users score calculation is automatically updated upon lab completion.

Tournaments and gamification

You can organize challenges to increase collaboration and promote team building: participants will be actively involved in solving problems inherent to Cyber-Security.

tailor-made paths based on metrics

Metrics help understanding individual and team strengths & weaknesses: the platform implements iterative and personalized learning paths for each user by using collected data to automatically adapt training and fill identified gaps.

For Whom

Created by security experts for future cybersecurity specialists.

Being up to date on the latest attack methods and trained to defend the systems ensures superior protection for the organization.